Garrison Brothers series

Perfectly Imperfect Mine

Perfectly Imperfect Mine (Garrison Brothers Book 1)

Small town girl, Sadie Wallace, has lived a life of "nothing special." She's watched everyone around her live their lives while merely just surviving her own until she meets Stone. Bounty hunter Trey Stone is in the small town of Cedar Bluff on a special assignment. The plan is to complete the job and return home until he meets Sadie.

From the moment Stone comes into the diner, Sadie is obsessed. Their first encounter leaves Sadie fearing for her life. A dead body, her abduction, and threats made Sadie steer clear of Stone. They both try to resist their need and desire for one another, which proves too strong to deny. When Stone stakes his claim, the night is filled with intense passion and fulfilled fantasies.

What began as primal lust has culminated in a deeper connection. As Sadie and Stone begin to fall in love, secrets still stand between them. Stone's refusal to discuss his work made Sadie wonder what he was hiding. Her curiosity leads her to a search into Stone's business and the discovery of a side to Stone's life that Sadie may not be willing to accept.

When the truth comes out, Sadie will have to decide...….

Flawlessly Flawed (Garrison Brothers Book 2)

Bounty hunter T Garrison is a foul-mouthed, arrogant womanizer who makes no apologies. He is who he is. Originated from a harsh past, his loyalty and love are reserved for his family and those closest to him. When it comes to women, T keeps them at a safe distance. No love, no romance, no forever. But even the mighty fall, and as T finds out, sometimes they fall for the least likely girl. Event planner Cassie Miller is a quirky, sweet oddball who embraces her weirdness and makes no apologies for it. She is who she is. Stuck in a job she loves with a boss she hates and a roommate with psychotic tendencies, Cassie is at the end of her patience and on the edge of snapping. Love is the last thing on her radar until she crosses paths with a brooding, rude, scary-as-hell man who changes everything. When T's job intertwines with Cassie's life, these two are about to discover that sometimes opposites attract; however, it's not exactly love at first sight. Loathe at first sight? Their amusing back and forth banter turns into a dangerous scenario when Cassie inadvertently becomes the target of the man T is trying to capture.

​Keeping her safe becomes his new assignment.​

​Between T's conflicting feelings for a woman who is all wrong for him and Cassie's frustration with a man she's not sure if she wants to kiss or throat punch, the ride towards a happily ever is sure to be bumpy.

Flawlessly Flawed (Garrison Brothers Book 2)
Impatiently Patient (Garrison Brothers Book 3)

Impatiently Patient (Garrison Brothers Book 3)

Emory Kern has been in love with Ethan Barrett her entire life. From her childhood crush to a teenage obsession, she fell in love with him. She's waited for him to see her, notice her, and in turn, fall in love with her. She finally professes her love for him when she is forced to put her heart on the line. Then, he broke her heart. Fleeing everything she knows, she puts time and distance between them, hoping to forget the man she'll never have.

Ethan Barrett is smart, strong, sophisticated, and can have any woman. Except one. He has long denied his feelings for Emory, thinking they could never be anything more than friends. In one night, it all changes. But when her surprising confession catches him off guard, the always smooth Ethan froze. He broke her heart, and then she was gone. Time and distance have only intensified his feelings and desire for her.

After eight months, Emory is back home. Her goal is simple: get in and get out without further damage to her heart. Ethan's goal is a little different. Second chances don't come often, and he's not about to let her get away this time. Falling in love with her was easy, making her believe it would be challenging.

Impossibly Possible (Garrison Brothers Book 4)

Good Girl Kenzie Sutton just had her boring life turned completely upside down. When her best friend, Taylor, becomes a woman on the run, Kenzie steps in and helps her go into hiding. She has no clue what she's gotten herself into, but she's about to find out. When Taylor's "foolproof" plan backfires, Kenzie finds herself running—straight into the path of the Garrison brothers. She's no match for the bounty hunters, and she's left with two choices. Give up her friend's location or stay with them until they find her. Her fierce loyalty to her best friend lands her under the watchful eye and protection of the tall, charming, and irresistibly sexy Bogs Garrison. Not a bad place to be under different circumstances. Being this close to him will be a test of her self-control.

Technical genius and resident funny guy, Bogs has a life that most men wish they had. An undeniable flirt and charmer, he's never lacked for a woman's company. While he's watched his brothers find love, he's always been completely content with his role as the last man standing amongst the Garrison brothers. Until he set his sights on the green-eyed beauty currently tangled up in her best friend's dangerous mess, she's managed to do the impossible and has him rethinking his bachelor status. The last single guy standing is about to fall hard and fast.

Undeniable chemistry and a deep connection find Bogs and Kenzie falling fast and deep for one another. The more time he spends with her, the clearer his future becomes with her. But everyone has a past, and when Kenzie's past collides with Bogs' present, he may just lose the one thing he didn't even know he needed.

Impossibly Possible (Garrison Brothers Book 4)

​Lock-Hart Series

Declan (Lock-Hart Book 1)

Declan (Lock-Hart Book 1)

She can run but she can't hide.

Evie Smith has been on the run for the past eight years. She has mastered the art of blending into the crowd, fading into the background, and never being seen. She has to, and it's the only thing standing between her and survival from a man that will never stop until he finds her. All she must do is follow the rules. How hard could that be?
But she can't hide.

Declan Lockwood has been watching her closely. It's his job. His natural-born instinct to protect the weak has him on the chase of the little hermit who takes great effort to go unnoticed by everyone but him. All he has to do is catch her, protect her and get the million-dollar bounty off her head. How hard could that be?

Evie expects to run and hide, and Declan expects to catch and protect her. Neither one anticipates losing their hearts and falling in love, and they might just get their happily ever after if they can survive.

Greyson (Cloves County Cowboys Book 1)

The last place on earth Britt Montgomery envisioned herself taking up residency is in Cloves County, Montana. But that's where she lands when she becomes heir to the Whisper Point ranch. With her newly inherited property, Britt finds herself in Big Sky Country, eager to sell her ranch, take her money, and return to where she belongs fast. But life has a different plan for this city girl. Rancher Greyson Fords lives and breathes the Triple R. As the oldest son, and he was born and bred to take over the family land one day. Nothing or no one could ever stand in the way of the ranch's success. With news of the coveted Whisper Point property up for sale, Greyson is eager to get the property back into the hands of the rightful owners. His family. The term opposites attract could have been coined for Britt and Greyson.

It may not be love at first sight, though it certainly is lust at first sight. When these two meet, there is no denying their chemistry and insatiable desire for one another. The prospect of a quick fling once the papers are signed on their deal isn't such a poor prospect. It's a win-win. However, the simmering fire goes up in flames when Britt has second thoughts and reneges on their deal, opting not to sell the ranch and take a chance at running it herself. War is officially declared, and these once possible lovers find themselves as sworn enemies. Then the games begin, but some things can't be denied, and the more these two stubborn ranchers go head to head, the more sexual fuel it ignites. When their passion proves too much to resist, they call a truce and set their sights on their happily ever after. But even the best love stories come with their share of obstacles. When Britt and Greyson hit a major one with a story of lies, set-ups, and the ultimate betrayal, these two unlikely lovers may be torn apart.

Greyson (Cloves County Cowboys Book 1)
asper (Cloves County Cowboys Book2)

Jasper (Cloves County Cowboys Book 2)

Six years ago, he had his life planned out. Rancher Jasper Fords were going to live the dream. He'd continue to work on his family's successful ranch, marry his high school sweetheart, and spend the rest of his days on the land he loved. It was a plan he had banked on and expected and one that completely shattered him when it fell apart. Left with a scarred, broken heart, Jasper focused on what was most important, the land and ranching at the Triple R.

Love may not have been in his future, but his desire sparked for Cloves County's most talked about resident. Jasper was able to deny his attraction to the green-eyed beauty as long as he could keep her at a safe distance. Regarding scandalous reputations, Kellie Mitchell was the reigning queen in Cloves County. Town tramp, promiscuous, easy, loose, she had heard them all and been called much worse. But while most people would fall from grace running and hiding, Kellie chose to ignore all the whispers and rumors. While her wild girl status had given her a fair share of male attention, there was one who seemed immune. The only man she wanted. Kellie could barely hide her attraction for the handsome, straitlaced rancher. Unfortunately, wanting him from afar was all she seemed destined to have.