Welcome to Ghosttown........


The Favor (Ghosttown Riders Book 1)

It may not have been her first good deed, but it may be her last.

Cheyenne Wilcox has a roadmap for her life that doesn't include veering off her chosen path. When she stops for an injured biker, she has no idea her life is about to be turned upside down. Her Good Samaritan gig is about to land her in a dangerous world. A death, an envelope with a severed finger, and being tackled by a brooding biker are just the beginning, especially when the brooding biker gets her motor running and makes her rethink her plans. No good deed goes unpunished.

Club life, loyalty to his MC family, and the open road are the only things that matter to Derrick "Trax" Traxon. He doesn't adhere to any rules except his own. When a devastating loss strikes him and his brothers, he sets his sights on revenge and payback. He'll stop at nothing to hunt down his friend's killer. But things get interesting when the key player in finding out who is responsible is the Good Samaritan. Aside from their mutual attraction, they couldn't be more opposite. Yet together is the only way they can find justice for Trax's fallen brother. Cheyenne's desire to help Trax comes into battle with her need to keep herself safe. They both have a plan, which doesn't involve falling in love.

The Hero (Ghosttown Riders Book 2)

Some heroes ride up on a horse; others pull up decked out in leather, raising hell on a Harley. Ambitious, headstrong, and smart-mouthed, Macy Matthews does not have forever on the brain. Newly single after an ego-wounding breakup, Macy is out to prove her ex wrong. She is far from boring! After all, do boring girls have threesomes? When an opportunity with two Ghosttown Riders is presented, she's all in. But when a man she's been crushing on for months turns out to be one of the players, Macy may be in over her head. For Rourke Hanson, women are a dime a dozen until the one beauty he's been watching for months gives him an offer he can't refuse. One night with her proves not enough for Rourke.

She is a game changer, and he's about to toss all his self-written rules for the mouthy spitfire. He'd never thought he'd settle down. Then again, he'd never met Macy. She's everything he's not, but somehow, they work. Until they don't, he's rough around the edges, which proves to be his downfall regarding her. When Macy's safety is jeopardized, nothing will stand in his way of keeping her protected. But it will take a small miracle for this smart-mouthed beauty to succumb to the rough and harsh brute.


The Samaritan (Ghosttown Riders Book 3)

A devastating loss two years ago left Marissa Nichols a shell of her old self. After losing what she held most precious, she gave up on life and any hope of happiness and normalcy. Until one good deed changes it all, an odd encounter with a stranger at a deserted rest stop has Marissa playing good Samaritan and thrust into the lives of the seemingly dangerous Reilly men, turning her lackluster life inside out. One man, in particular, forces her to feel more in ten minutes than she's felt in years. She knows it's best to move on, but her heart has other ideas, keeping her in the small town and close quarters with the devilishly handsome man whose world is coming to mean everything to her.

Born into a biker dynasty, Caden Reilly chose a different path. A single dad who is struggling to keep his business afloat while caring for a hostile, arrogant, and ill biker father, his life is anything but normal. Just when it seems life couldn't throw him another curveball, he faces the good Samaritan who stopped to help his dad. He isn't prepared for the feelings she evokes within him. Marissa is a game changer for Caden, who never saw himself settling down with a woman.

But something is off. He can sense the hidden secrets she holds. As they both struggle with their pasts, they grow closer, falling deeper for one another. Their desire and connection have also caught the attention of Caden's older brother, who seems hell-bent on coming between Caden and the woman he wants. Outside obstacles and tragic secrets threaten their chance for a future together.

Marissa and Caden are complete opposites from totally different worlds. Their connection shouldn't make sense, yet it does. Will Caden's steadfast devotion and roots be enough for Marissa to find peace and a home of her own?

The Saint (Ghosttown Riders Book 4)

Bailey Preston prides herself on her position as Mayor of Ghosttown. She may not have wanted it, but she's done her best for the town and its residents. All the residents. When the original motorcycle club moves back to Ghosttown, Bailey is set on making the bikers feel welcome, a sentiment not shared by the other townspeople. Her efforts to make their small town a thriving, beautiful place have challenges. New ones arise when the man she's been secretly obsessed with for the past year becomes a permanent fixture in the small town. Bailey wants Saint Monroe. The quiet and incredibly private VP of the Ghosttown Riders is one of the most revered members of the MC. He rules his club with respect, careful thought, and protection. Bailey cannot help but be attracted to his quiet reserve and rugged sex appeal. However, her horrid past is a roadblock that prevents her from going after what she wants most—sexy Saint.

Saint wants Bailey. When Saint speaks, people listen, and when he leads his brothers, they follow. He lives his life without distraction until the mayor. His growing attraction for Bailey has tested his patience in the last year. He wasn't prepared for her, but nothing will stop him from claiming her once he's settled into town. With his permanent residency, Saint is ready to make his move. All he has to do is break down her barriers and prove that he will do anything to keep her by his side. Bailey is Saint's soulmate, and he's ready to prove it by being her savior.


The Enemy (Ghosttown Riders Book 5)

Ghosttown's resident bad girl has just had her probation lifted, and she's set to return. Phoebe Shaw is the least likely criminal in the town, though she has the mugshot to prove her bad girl status. After a six-month hiatus from her beloved Ghosttown, Phoebe is back and ready for her fresh start. After a year of heartache, financial strain, and an assault charge, she's ready to put the past behind her and move on.

The brooding, foul-mouthed President of the Ghosttown Riders, Kase Reilly, leads with a strong fist and actions to back him. It's been a long time, but the club has finally fulfilled a five-year dream and returned home. Only one person is standing in his path of making the club's life perfect. Their new clubhouse neighbor. The enemy.

No love, nothing long-term, and romance are non-existent. These two have more in common than they realize. With neither one looking for a love connection, fate steps in and sets Kase and Phoebe on the path to the most unconventional love story, with both participants fighting it every step.

When Kase and Phoebe go head to head, sparks fly in all directions. Kase isn't accustomed to anyone taking him on, and Phoebe doesn't know how to back down.

The Return (Ghosttown Riders Book 6)

Born and raised a Ghosttown girl, Trista Anderson has nothing but love for her hometown. After her recent graduation from college, she is eager to return and start the next chapter of her life. However, things don't go according to plan when her homecoming is derailed by a biker club, an altercation, and a sexy new neighbor who grates on her last nerve. What should have been a monumental homecoming turns out to be her worst nightmare and a catalyst for things to come.

Gage Masters lives and breathes the MC lifestyle. His loyalty and commitment to his club have secured his position as one of the strongest and most respected brothers of the Ghosttown Riders. Newly rooted in the small town as a business owner and homeowner, everything has fallen into place for him. It's as close to perfect as life can get. Until the arrival of Ghosttown's original "golden child." His strong-willed, mouthy, and incredibly gorgeous neighbor with brass balls makes an entrance no one will soon forget, which proves to have consequences no one could have predicted.

The new neighbors are anything but neighborly in a town where they're both trying to stake a claim. Trashed motorcycles, petty theft, and witty veiled threats are just the beginning for Gage and Trista, who go head to head at every turn. The biker and the hometown girl are in a war for control while battling their attraction for one another.


The Outlaw (Ghosttown Riders Book 7)

After years of living under her family's thumb, Vada Zink has finally broken free, embarking on her new life, living it on her terms. With her newfound independence, she sets her sights on pursuing her lifelong dream of teaching, settling into a place she can finally call home and begin truly living. As she quickly learns, navigating through who she is and who she wants to have its' share of humps along the way, she is thriving in her new life. The only predicament in her way is the dark cloud looming over her head brought on by action so recklessly it could have deadly consequences. Thankfully it's a secret well-hidden and one she will keep forever.

As a recently departed member of the notorious East MC, Roman "Hades" Monroe has settled into life as a member of the Ghosttown Riders. He is back with his brother, doing his best as a single father and living in a small town. For once, he's on the right side of the law. But old ties don't just fade. When his former brotherhood sets its sights on his secret obsession, Hades becomes protector and guardian to an unknowing Vada.

Their interactions and relationship have been nothing less than heated and hostile, with an underlining desire neither one has been willing to admit to until circumstances risk her safety. When Vada hits the radar of the notorious East MC, she becomes a key player and possible pawn in what could be Hade's biggest downfall. It becomes a battle of his future with Vada versus his past with the East MC.

The Player (Ghosttown Riders Book 8)

A fender bender, a hostile grandfather, and an angry biker. Welcome to Ghosttown, Ivy Collins!

A fresh start is exactly what Ivy Collins has in mind when she packs up her truck and makes her move to Ghosttown. The ambitious twenty-five-year-old artist can't wait to launch her new life, enhance her successful career, rekindle her relationship with her estranged grandfather, and settle into small-town life. Her initiation comes from a vehicle accident, where she almost takes out one of Ghosttown's own. It's not the best first impression, and the situation only worsens when the town finds out she's the granddaughter of their most despised resident.

Caleb "Dobbs" Dobson has come into his own, living his best life as the last remaining bachelor of the Ghosttown Riders Motorcycle Club. A loyal and devoted brother to the club and their women, he's found peace in the little town among his MC family. He may have his share of regrets, but Dobbs is content to settle into bachelorhood. That is until he clashes head-on with a moving truck that nearly ends his life on a blind curve outside town. Dobbs is out for blood until he looks at the incompetent driver. He doesn't know whether to strangle or drag her back to his bed.

Things get even more complicated when Ivy's seedy past raises its head, shining a light on her connection to the club's most dangerous enemy. An unforgiving and unwelcoming town, a near-death experience, and a perilous secret turn what could have been an idyllic life in Ghosttown into an obstacle course. With possibly deadly consequences.